S&S Marine uses anodized aluminum for most of the products that we create. The anodizing of the raw material creates a hard protective seal on the surface of the aluminum. This protects it as much as possible from pitting/corrosion. When the anodized coating is broken and raw aluminum is exposed, corrosion will take place. Any kind of scrapes or abrasions can break the anodized coating. Also, the marine environment, contaminants in the air and normal wear and tear can contribute to the onset of pitting on the surface of the metal. The rate of the corrosion depends on environmental conditions and the amount of preventive maintenance used.
With proper care you keep your aluminum in like new condition. When storing and using your boat in the marine environment you must clean on a regular basis especially after every use. Always use a non-abrasive soap and lots of fresh water. Thoroughly wash the metal with a soft sponge to remove any salt and other contaminates especially under the top sections because that’s where most of the corrosion occurs. Rinse well. Do not use any corrosive chemicals containing high concentration of acids or alkalis and solutions containing chlorine or ammonia. Never use steel wool, wire brushes polishing wheels and compounds which can remove the anodized coating on the aluminum.
Probably one of the best products on the market to help with the protection of the aluminum is Rupp’s Aluma Guard. It is very easy to apply so it is more likely to be used. We always have this product in stock and have the best price.

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